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SO+ER (Soter) is a gunshot detection system. The project name is inspired by the Greek God that personifies the spirit of safety and deliverer from harm.


Fair Use

Free, fair use and open for all non-commercial applications and uses. We believe technology intended to help people should be available without barriers.



SO+ER completed closed testing and is ready for public testing and evaluation. The reference architecture, enclosure and firmware are available on Github.

There were 340 Mass Shootings in 2018

Source: Gun Violence Archive
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How It Works

The SO+ER Community sensor contains an array of microphones and an internet enabled single-board computer. The sensor listens for and records sharp sounds with high levels of energy. Recordings are analyzed with machine learning to verify kinetic characteristics and, when appropriate, immediately spawn an alert.

SO+ER detects gunshots in milliseconds

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