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Cloud-based SO+ER is an indoor gunshot detection system built to be reliable, easy to install, easy to integrate, and inexpensive to operate without sacrificing privacy.



SO+ER is built to reduce the gunshot response process time. SO+ER integrates with existing computer aided systems using industry standard APIs to detect, classify, and notify responders in milliseconds.



Diversify existing products and mission critical infrastructure with SO+ER. The hardware, enclosure, and firmware are available on Github for evaluation today.

Less than 20% of gunshots are reported to authorities

Source: GovTech Biz
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How It Works

The SO+ER sensor contains an array of microphones and an internet enabled single-board computer. The sensor listens for and records sharp sounds with high levels of energy. Recordings are analyzed with machine learning to verify kinetic characteristics and, when appropriate, immediately spawn a notification.

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